Happy birthday Lo!


I got Lo when I was in high school, before I had a driving licence!:) She is with me almost half of my life, she is my shadow, a dog you can always count on, my most devoted dog - and funnily enough, even though she was the most scared puppy I've ever seen, my bravest dog!

She is a really cool dog with tons of patience and has no demands herself. I hear everybody who know Lo and her habit of pushing her head under your hand for hours in order to make you pet her laughing now, but seriously: she never asks any questions and just does whatever asked. For example: if you ask La something, she will say "Sure, anything you want, but I hope it's written somewhere that I'm the smartest and cutest dog ever. And I would appreciate some kind of reward in food form too". Bu will say: "Me? Why me? Are you sure it's not dangerous?" and Bi will say: "Is it fun? Because if not, I would have another idea..." And Lo will just do it, whatever needed.

She never asks a question and she always does everything with a big smile on her face and with tons of enthusiasm. Another example: we're hiking in the woods and La steps on something that hurts her paw. She will come to me with a disappointed face, being all horrified about the unbelievable fact that something dared to hurt her pretty paw! If it happens to Bu, she will freeze exactly where she is, thinking she will die any minute, right there, right now. And Lo... Well, my good old Lo will just pick up that leg and continue her path on remaining three legs, with the same happy face... And when I call her to me, investigate her paw and give her a pat, telling her it's o.k., she will immediately put that leg down and start using it again, no questions asked: if I said it's o.k., it's o.k., it's as simple as that. Yeah, unlike other three that have tons of possible expressions on their faces, telling tons of different feelings, Lo only knows one expression: happy. She is always happy, happy, happy.

She might not have the best structure or had had the best training, but she sure has the best heart for the sport and used to be the best from the best until little Miss Perfect, called La. I remember that when John Gilbert saw her back in 1997, he said he had no idea that a non-BC can be that fast!:) She sure always gives it all and does great on her normal jump height even at the age of 12. - Despite she was never really a sprinter, she is a long-distance dog. She can go for ever, you just can't tire her.

The only sign of her age is that nowadays, if you really walk for 8 hours or more every day several days in a row, she will then wake up somewhat sore in the morning... But after a warm up, she is ready to go again! When the rest of us can hardly still move, Lo is still going on in her beautiful, beautiful trot that can take her around the world any time you wish.

Yeah, I do call her my good old Lo in joke, but there is no doubt my good Lo is everything but old. She can still climb any mountain and she still competes on her regular height. She must have been to more than 500 competitions in her life and still goes to every next one with the same enthusiasm, waking up all my poor neighbors. She must have ran thousands of courses and still runs every one with the same power as always. She is a real living legend. Nobody can stop Lo. She was never ill in her life - well, she is epileptic, but isn't on medications and only gets seizures if she doesn't get to run agility for more than two or three weeks - so seems like she will be on her agility drug for the rest of her life, guess that's the healthiest addiction she can have.

I always say PyrSheps never die as they're just too busy. Lo is sure the busiest dog ever! She is our clown, she is the one that always brings a smile to your face. Yeah, I might have been shocked by how fearful a puppy can be when getting her, she might have taken 6 months to dare to go over dog-walk and another 6 months to accept a leash around her neck without panic attack, but looking back, I would take another Lo any time - what a character, what a devotion!

She lives in her private world where there is room for just her and her person, nothing and nobody else exist for her. I guess that's why she is my bravest dog: because there is nothing to fear, it's just me and her and those three toys she knows (a tennis ball, Kong-like toy and a tug toy, those are the only three toys that she recognizes as toys and doesn't play with anything but those three toys). But the funniest thing is that when I need to fly somewhere and she has to stay with somebody else, that person becomes hers in the moment I close the doors. Unlike other dogs that will miss me when I'm gone, Lo stays in her only mood she knows: happy. And while she won't say hi to anybody when I'm home, won't fetch any toy that somebody else throws for her and will act as she has never seen those obstacles before if somebody else tries to run her, she will fetch any toy and run any course for anybody that takes care of her when I'm gone. And when I'm back, the moment I open the door, she is all mine again, she will not look at that person again.

Yeah, she is strange, strange dog. Most people don't even notice her since La took all the glory, but those that know Lo absolutely adore her, she sure is a character! Indeed, she should be a cartoon character! That furry face with a big big smile all over is her trade mark. Really, what a cool little dog!


Lo at 12 years: