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9 months


Spring is finally here! Our agility field finally dried and grass is getting greener, so I guess it's time for some more agility now! With Bi, we started to work on a see-saw and weaves and (separately from that) some more cik&cap courses. I heaved the bars to 30cm now and I started to add some normal straight ahead jumps into our mini courses as her understanding of cik&cap is really good already. I'm also already including dog-walk in our normal mini courses as her contacts are great. Those running contacts are so much fun!



The major danger I see in running contacts is that you like the sight so much, that you forget about training other things and instead make some additional dog-walks:). Yeah, those dog-walks still make me smile every time, it's so much fun! On the other hand, weaves are for me the most boring obstacle to train. It always amazes me that so many people are struggling with weaves, I really think weaves are the easiest obstacle to master - but most certainly the most boring, it makes me feel like a toy dispenser!:)


The only obstacle I spend less time training it is A-frame. Actually, I could hardly say I ever do ANY training for A-frame as it comes for free after training running dog-walk. So we won't be doing any A-frames for quite some time yet, I think landing on the A-frame is not too good for dogs' wrists and I'm really happy I don't need to do many of them.



For everybody, commenting on Bi's size: she indeed looks huge on photos and videos, but in real life, she looks like a midget - that's also one of her nick names:). If I never measured her, my guess would be she is 47cm... But in fact, she is almost 52cm, but she looks much smaller than that in live. For everybody asking if her ears settled to down position - no, they settled in their ability to be carried either up or down. They're down when relaxed or scared, but when alert, the right one goes up first and then the left one joins in. They're up mostly all the time on walks or when playing, but they go down when other people/dogs are around or when relaxed at home.


My Pointer-wanna-bes: Bu, watching a ball and Bi, watching Bu...

more photos



8 months



Our weather is getting better, it's actually just perfect for hiking. But agility is still not much fun as there is so much mud that we don't train very often, four dirty dogs are really not much fun. But we did learn a lot of new tricks and even finally made the video, showing some of them. Those are mostly easy, "10 clicks tricks" as I call them, I guess you've seen most of them before. More unique are triple scratch and shifting from one hip to another, in case you need some ideas:). We have some more of them in work, so we'll need to do another video soon, but we're having a break from tricks now as I'm leaving  for some seminars in Scandinavia - and little Bi is staying home alone for the first time... I hope she will behave herself, but that will be a hard one for her!:) I will sure miss her funny smiling face!


more photos


(almost) 8 months


After weeks of rain and fog, we finally got some sun! Our agility field is still a lake, but we went to another club to do some contacts and tunnels (I was too lazy to bring out the jumps too...). Bu thought she is in heaven when she saw three tunnels, so we started with a birthday party for Bu (see the video) and at the end look like that:


Not much new to write about, we're still doing lots of tricks and only did that much of agility as you can see in a video. That's how our turns after dog-walk look now (after months of not working on it at all...). As you can see, I'm not using a pole anymore, I forgot to take it from the car and then just tried without and it didn't make any difference. As expected, fading a pole was easy. Now that I'm running a full dog-walk with Bi, the problem with slowing down too much on a down-ramp when expecting a turn is gone too - BUT the turns got much bigger. But I don't really care, I actually prefer Bi's faster-but-wider way over Bu's tight-but-slower way - you can see the difference in a video. I still plan to do some additional work with both of them, I only did that video as I was taping it anyway for my own information and because, well, I still didn't do that tricks video that I promised... But we're getting nearer to that video too!:)



7 (and something) months


Still no luck with the weather. The good news is that it gives up plenty of time for tricks, so I'll need to do another tricks video soon. Among others, we're working on a triple scratch now!:)



For now, here comes a Heeling Video. We can't do much outside at home, so we took an opportunity of a weekend at the sea-side to practice heeling with Bi, Bu and La. With Lo, I'm concentrating on rear end awareness tricks - I never did those with her when she was a puppy, so I guess that at the age of 12, it's about time to play with it a little, to keep those legs active and thinking as long as possible. I guess that also answers questions I'm getting, like "I love the things you do with Bi, but my dog is 1 year already, is that too late to start?" Hm... NO! Until the dog is alive, it's never too late! And it's actually especially important for senior dogs as it keeps them mentally&physically active and that's in my opinion the most important thing. Many people mail me what supplements etc. I'm giving to my dogs to do so well for so long and well... None. The secret of happy, active and healthy seniors is not in food or supplements, but constant mental and physical activity. So... Happy training!



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