This is Bi, or, offically, Beck's Hill Fast and Furious. She is from Verona, Italy (Beck's Hill kennel), but her mother is English and her father is German, both smooth:


Valery and Fetch (foto Alen Marekovic)


 Fetch is Bu's full brother, so Bi is Bu's niece. And here is what Bu thinks of her:


Why a new puppy? Well, when Bu was about a year old and the most frustrating part of raising an autistic puppy was behind me, I decided I had deserved a real BC. I do prefer to have 4 years or so in between one and another puppy, but I decided to do an exception this time. I didn't really plan a puppy THAT soon, but I really liked this litter and just couldn't resist... Especially after one female turned out smooth coated! And, for the first time ever, I had first choice this time - and of course, I chose the one who did worst on the puppy evaluation test...:) But my explanation is that she just didn't like the tester:). - This picture


was taken when she came to me, when I was sitting silently far away, behind a fence, when a tester was trying to call her to him. She didn't get good points for that one, but I found it really cute:). And then, when I tried to play with her, she played the best of all and the deciding factor was that when I put her back in an x-pen to other puppies and played with her sister (the one who scored best at the test), she went completely mad and protested loudly. It sounded as if she fit in with Lo, La and Bu just great.:)

Some pictures of brothers and sisters:


            Beck's Hill From Here to Eternity                                 Beck's Hill Flashback


Beck's Hill Free Ride


And some more of Bi at age of 7 weeks:





And from this Friday, when I got her, at the age of 8 weeks:




And why another BC, not another PyrShep? There are many reasons for that:
1. I already have two very real PyrSheps. But I don't really have a real BC. Bu is a very nice, sweet dog, very easy to live with and now also very easy to train. But she is not a real BC, she doesn't really have the drive and even though she does great in agility, I first and foremost wanted a dog that would go crazy for a ball and would play with me any time, no matter what. All I hope for Bi is to meet this criteria.

2. I don't want to have three dogs in the same height class. Two and two is much better.
3. And my main reason is that even though PyrShep is still my favourite breed and I think they are the coolest dogs ever and I will always have one - I still hope to never have more than two:). Yeah, if you think BC is an active, energetic breed who needs a job, then you never had a PyrShep...


What my other dogs say to Bi? Nooo... Not another one! Well, to be more exact: Lo doesn't really care, La is again taking up a tactic of pretending she didn't yet notice her existance and hopes that what she doesn't see, doesn't exist and Bu is a little bit afraid of the little creature. But Bi didn't yet notice they're ignoring her and thinks she is their best friend:), her favourite one is La. Good choice!


I'll try to do my best taking pictures, taping and updating on Bi, but it seems we'll be very busy next few months, socializing, playing, learning...

more photos